This is Total Hattage!! It is a game where you have to build your top hat up with tools on the right hand side of the screen! While defending yourself from the attacking boxes!!

The tools are:

Crane: Regenerates Health and builds your Top Hat.

Gun: Ability for your Top Hat to shoot. More Guns more fire power!

Pocket Watch: Increases gun fire rate!

Teapot: Increases the movement speed of your Top Hat!

Use WASD or arrow keys to move the Top Hat. Use the mouse to click on tools on the right then click on the black spaces for the tool to be applied to the Top Hat!

Tip: Start by adding cranes to your hat to get more space for tools!! :D

You can also download a .exe version for Windows only!

This game was made in 8 hours at Limerick Gamecraft 2016. It was the first game jam I have been to, so I used the Box Shooter project as a starting point. I don't have any desire to improve on this game an further but if you do, let me know and I can send you on the unity project.

The game doesn't have a UI for health but the player does, if you die the game just restarts again. Keep in mind it is not finished and has a number of bugs. Also it may run slow in the browser.

Install instructions

Download the zip file.

Extract the files and make sure Total Hattage.exe and TotalHattage_Data Folder are in the same location.

Click on Total Hattage.exe and it should run! :D


Download 11 MB